Contract Drafting and Review

agmtBllueCostly and time-consuming litigation could usually be avoided if the parties would have put their agreement in writing or more clearly identified their rights and responsibilities in a written agreement.  Moreover, in many situations, consumers waive substantial rights simply because they signed a “form contract” without fully understanding its terms.

To avoid or eliminate the problems that may arise from entering into a one-sided agreement or from the failure to have a written agreement at all, please feel free to contact us to discuss your options relating to any agreement, including any of those set forth below.


Non-Competition Agreements

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Confidentiality Agreements

Employment Contracts

Independent Contractor Agreements

Restrictive Covenants

Asset Purchase Agreements

Operating Agreement

Partnership Agreements

Joint Venture Agreements

Consulting Agreements

Construction Contracts

Home Improvement Contracts

Lease Agreements

Purchase Agreements

Gym Memberships

Real Estate Purchase Contracts

Rental/Lease Agreements

Insurance Contracts

Mortgage Agreements

Settlement Agreements

Goods and Services Agreements